I moved to Santa Cruz, CA!

Hello all, I haven't been active for a while because I moved myself, studio and pets to Santa Cruz! Same story, different city. Look out for new product soon inspired by my beautiful surroundings.


Eyes of the World

I've been dreaming of making these fine little stud earrings! A bit re-inspired by the Santa Clara Dead shows this summer...Check out these diamonds set in 18k eyes!


new Wegman Rope bracelets for Men & Women


New double-wrapped rope bracelets made from my wegman inspired chair that my cat Charlie Charro trashed. The women's clasp is a shinier gold and men's is darker bronze. $36 each

Women's https://ndv.squarespace.com/women/wegman-rope-wrapped-bracelet

Men's  https://ndv.squarespace.com/men/wegman-rope-bracelet

I hope you enjoy, I wear a stack of them every day now!